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Our Story

Ruah’s story began in early 2007 with the first lavender and rosemary harvest that stood ready on the fields of the Kasselhoft Estate in the Northwest province. The brand exists to distil herbs that are grown locally into essential oils that are inherently South African. This dream has been cherished by Trudi and Rina Kasselman and grown into a successful and extremely popular range of body care and herbal products over the last 16 years.

Ruah means a breath of air and for many customers who have already become familiar with the Ruah products, the well-known three-herb range offers a refreshing, breath-taking and nurturing experience. The lavender and rosemary are grown on Kasselhoft Farm and harvested twice a year. The entire rosemary plant is used to produce oil, while only the lavender flower is distilled into the very versatile and popular lavender oil. Rose geranium oil is purchased from other herb farmers in South Africa and in this way we also support the community of herb lovers and it ensures that oils are grown locally and naturally extracted.

Ruah Promise

Products are not tested on animals.
We are herb farmers with integrity!

The Ruah Team

“RUAH is a woman (naturally she started out by being a new-born, a child and then an unruly teenager). But now she is a full-fledged woman – planted next to a stream of living water, her roots are strong, and her face turned towards the sun! She flowers where she is planted. She is pampered by everyone’s enthusiasm, support, and their lovely smiles. She draws her inspiration from the time and place she is in.

Our slogan call: “Be cherished” is Ruah’s cry for every woman, every friend, every mother, every daughter! We can get scooped up too quickly in the everyday rush of life. With every word you read on our products, we want to give you rest, peace, time! Ruah believes that Spirit-inspired words have the power to change minds. Thoughts determine our actions and actions determine our future. May your future, dear Ruah friend, stretch out before you with joy, flavor and longing expectation.”

– Trudi Kasselman.

Meet the Team


Farm Shop & Factory Manager

Available from 8am to 5pm
Cell: 084 665 4124


Product Development & Marketing

Available from 8am to 12pm
Cell: 071 874 6524


Personal Assistant

Available from 8am to 1pm
Tel: 060 528 4525

Soos dit nie anders kan bot ’n boom op die werf dit is asof sy takke wind-wuif na die oorvloed wat kom. Wetend ontluik ’n bloeisel afwagtend om te vrug om die somer stroopsoet te groet.

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